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Instead, it will be built into a tough but pliable fabric frame. Even the screen will able to bend and fold and will have a thickness and flexibility similar to a laminated sheet of paper. Furthermore, how could it be predicted to hit the market in just a few years? Experts say it will be available in 2 to 10 years. Find out why this technology really is right around the corner and why some of its seemingly futuristic features aren't actually so different from what's being offered by products available on the market today. Keep reading to lear­n how a computer could be built within a flexible fabric frame instead of a more traditional rigid metal housing. Conventional computer hard disk drives are large and bulky, but flash memory, common today in memory sticks and cameras, is a possible lightweight alternative for memory storage in the laptops of tomorrow. To understand how a laptop computer could be designed to be flexible, let's first consider why conventional laptops aren't flexible.
In fact, Roman latrines and baths retain signs of many of the diseases and parasites that their hygiene methods ought to have washed away. One explanation: After "bombing at the forum," the Romans passed around a shared sponge on a stick to clean their "Appian Way" - not the most hygienic option. The secrets of this neat-looking metal-making technology have been lost to history. It's an old story: You're hanging out with your blacksmith, metallurgist and weapon-enthusiast friends and you've run out of things to argue about. Sure enough, someone brings up the legendary metal weapons once traded in medieval Damascus, famed for their supposedly irreproducible strength, edge and wave pattern. One friend hammers on about how "damascened" steel is no lost secret metal or technique, but merely a method of billet welding, in which different metals are fused, drawn and folded to create a wave pattern. Another defends to the hilt the view that these fabled blades were truly unique.
In Kiev a system of Yiddish-language educational and cultural institutions called the Kultur-lige gained widespread popularity and expanded rapidly. But under the Soviet regime, Kiev’s two chief synagogues became “clubs for craftsmen,” and at an Evsektsiia show trial held in 1921, Judaism itself was found guilty of bourgeois oppression of the Jewish working class. Zionists who were active in Kiev were arrested and put on trial. However, “proletarian” Jewish culture fared much better. The mass of the Jewish population spoke Yiddish and supported the revolution, and was championed by the Soviet government. Kiev was an important center for the new Soviet Yiddish culture, home to the Institute of Jewish Proletarian Culture, which was part of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and represented one of the leading Jewish academic institutions in the USSR. A state Jewish theater was founded in the city, and a great many Yiddish books, journals, and newspapers were printed in Kiev with government support. Renowned Yiddish writers such as Dovid Bergelson, Der Nister (Pinkhes Kahanovitsh), Perets Markish, and Dovid Hofshteyn-who had been known as the Kiev Group in prerevolutionary Kiev-continued their literary activity during the Soviet period.|This paper tackles the challenging problem of video deblurring. Most of the existing works depend on implicit or explicit alignment for temporal information fusion which either increase the computational cost or result in suboptimal performance due to wrong alignment. In this study, we propose a factorized spatio-temporal attention to perform non-local operations across space and time to fully utilize the available information without depending on alignment. It shows superior performance compared to existing fusion techniques while being much efficient. Extensive experiments on multiple datasets demonstrate the superiority of our method. Video deblurring, as a primary problem in the vision and graphics communities, strives to predict latent frames from a blurred sequence. The camera shake and high-speed motion in dynamic scenes often generate unwanted blur and produce blurry videos. Such videos not only deteriorate the visual quality but also hinder some high-level vision tasks such as tracking Jin et al. 2005); Mei and Reid (2008), video stabilization Matsushita et al. 2006), etc. As more videos are taken using hand-held and onboard video capturing devices, this problem has received great attention in the last decade.
Your safe room should have strong walls that will sustain strong wind and accompanying debris. For more information on safe rooms, go to the FEMA Web site. Tornadoes often are accompanied by a dark, greenish sky, large hail, dark, large, and low clouds, and a loud roar. If you see any of these danger signs, be prepared to seek shelter. She definitely did not pick the safest place to wait out a tornado. If a tornado strikes and you're in a house, apartment, hospital, or other large building, go to a basement, cellar or the lowest level in the building. If there is no basement, go to the most interior room on the lowest level away from windows and doors, like a closet or hallway. Get under a table, and use your arms to protect your head and neck. Or cover yourself with a mattress or blankets. Mobile homes are extremely dangerous places -- most tornado-related deaths occur in and around them.|Nowadays, with help of modern technologies, the distances dividing people aren't serious problem anymore. When I talk about modern technologies, first of all I mean mass cultural phenomena called Internet. World Wide Web formally scaled huge distances of our planet, and now the communication with companions from another part of the world is no problem for anyone. Most commonly this advantages used by young people. The older ones, on the contrary, too cautious in using this opportunities of our world. But the progress of our civilization is unstoppable, and nowadays people aren't surprised by the meaning of the word 'internet acquaintances', because internet acquaintances is the fastest, simpliest and the most optimal way of finding companion or just an interlocutor. Today, a considerable growth of interest in acquaintances with girls from Russia and Ukraine is observed. If you're from United States, Europe or Australia, you may heard a lot of rumors and stories about how amazingly beautiful and lovely these girls are.
To date, no known safety issues have been found with this type of scanner. Here's another biggie: privacy. Both types of scanners are capable of producing images that reveal intimate details about travelers. With that said, the TSA has gone to great lengths to protect the privacy of those being scanned. The software of backscatter machines, for example, includes a privacy algorithm to blur genitalia and faces while highlighting potential threats. Most (but not all) millimeter wave machines use automated target recognition (ATR) software that renders every subject as a generic outline, with suspicious areas highlighted. And if it doesn't detect anything suspicious in a scan, it displays the word "OK" with no image at all. For scanners without ATR software, the security operator viewing the resulting image sits at a remote location and communicates wirelessly with the agent operating the machine. Supposedly, neither type of machine is capable of storing images -- each image is deleted automatically as soon as the security team completes its inspection -- but there have been reports of U.S.





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